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Calgary Active Habit Association

Do you care about your child's time in front of screens and lack of healthy activity? Our community of Edgemont is leading the charge to make a change for the better!

Active Habit

Give children healthy lives by creating a daily habit of being physically active within the community.

Active Habit Manifesto:

  • Kids spending long hours in front of screens daily and little time being active is becoming a norm with severe negative consequences.
  • Kids need to be in a healthy group of peers, and make physical activity a habit that they have personal and group commitment to.
  • Parents and student volunteers can efficiently supervise fun and safe local activities.
  • Doing things as locally as possible saves time, money, and the environmental impact of driving.

The Long Term Plan:

  • Facilitate community level cooperation for year-wide choices of convenient and affordable activities and play.
  • Kids would track their personal activity achievement with a points system.
  • Adults could track their community involvement to efficiently channel their time and talents into mentoring, supervision, or financial support
  • An online system will be a focal point enabling kids and volunteers to come together for continuously ongoing activities throughout the year
  • Adequate screening and mentoring of volunteers will ensure that kids are safe at all times

Proposed Activities:

Physical Activities
Group rate ski trips to COP Tennis, with teaching for beginners
Group biking trips Neighbourhood walks and hikes
Community hiking trips to mountains Ultimate Disc mini-leagues
Pickup soccer games Group trips to Olympic Oval
Interpretive dance Karate or kung-fu
BadmintonDog Walking
Bad Weather / Offtime Activities
craftseducational videos